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Athenica Advocate
September 2018

As you are all aware, Hurricane Florence has been wreaking havoc in the south and has now transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone. It has resumed its second week of rain resulting in flooding that has cut off entire towns and has left over 500,000 homes and businesses without power. Being that September is National Preparedness Month, this gives everyone the opportunity to prepare for unexpected disasters. Here are some questions to consider:

• Are you and/or your office prepared for a flood, hurricane or earthquake?
• Does your office have an emergency disaster plan? (25% of small businesses never reopen following a disaster!).
• Do you have an emergency communication plan for staying in touch or getting messages to family and friends?
• Are you CPR trained and/or have first aid supplies available?

Please click here for more information on how you can become more prepared and how to create an emergency response plan.


Athenica is pleased to announce that we have recently added noise testing to the already-extensive scope of services that we offer to our clients. Noise testing can be required for a variety of reasons, but is generally associated with redevelopment of a property. In many cases, zoning requirements or other regulations will establish the maximum interior noise level permissible for the planned use of a redeveloped property. This in turn will govern the level of noise attenuation that will be required for building components (e.g., windows and doors) that will be installed during the construction. However, the baseline exterior decibel level that is used to calculate the amount of required attenuation is normally specified by the municipality, and is typically based on historic regional or neighborhood testing, rather than site-specific data. Since the ability to utilize windows and doors with lower attenuation factors will almost certainly result in significant cost savings during construction, having Athenica conduct an exterior noise testing program beforehand to establish the specific baseline decibel level at your building can be a significant financial benefit for your project. We will assist you and your architect with preparing reports to justify requests to reduce attenuation requirements. We are also well-versed and experienced in conducting post-construction noise testing, to verify that the interior noise levels meet the requirements for your building, and negotiating with municipal agencies and regulatory authorities to facilitate project approvals.For more information on this subject, you may contact Kenneth Wenz Jr., Senior Project Manager, at our HazMat division.