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Athenica Advocate
October 2017

Did you know? NYSDEC Solid Waste Management Amendment to Title 6 Part 360

On September 5, 2017, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) filed a Notice of Adoption for a comprehensive revision to Title 6 of the New York Codes, Rules, and Regulations (6 NYCRR) Parts 360-366 and 369. In developing the revisions, the NYSDEC evaluated existing regulations on solid waste management practices including, but not limited to, the handling, disposal, and management of excavated soil and other materials defined as “historic fill” material. The new regulations have established criteria for the on-site reuse, off-site reuse, and disposal of “historic fill” material. In addition, the revisions impact the management of several other waste streams, from the construction industry and used oil handlers to mulch processing facilities and medical waste handlers. The adopted amendments to the Rule will be effective on November 4, 2017. To read more about the amendments to the Solid Waste Management Rules, please visit the NYSDEC’s website here.

Continuation of Environmental and Health Risks from Natural Disasters

It is hard to believe that after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma we would be assessing the damage from yet another hurricane, Maria. Although we have been very fortunate in New York, Puerto Rico was ravaged over a month ago and they are still feeling the after effects. According to ABC news, raw sewage has been pouring into rivers and reservoirs in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. With many people still without running water and many of the sewage treatment plants still out of service there is growing concern about contamination and disease. Although hundreds of large generators have been brought in, less than 20% of the island’s power grid is back online. To make matters worse, Puerto Rico has a long history of environmental problems that have been neglected due to a decade long economic crisis. There have been many reports that people are drinking contaminated water from superfund sites as indicated by this CNN report. It remains to be seen how Puerto Rico will be able to move forward. In the meantime, New Yorkers have been providing much needed help from a variety of sources. Here, at Athenica, we collected much needed supplies for the people of Puerto Rico and dropped it off at our local Firehouse that was collecting items.

Athenica News

This year the Athenica team, along with family and friends, attended a New York City Football Club game at Citifield as our company outing. It was a very exciting game against Columbus FC (2-2) and everyone enjoyed the action! NYCFC is ranked number #2 in MLS and going for the finals.