Athenica Advocate
May 2017

Proposed NY State Bill to Test Lead Paint in NYC Subway Stations

Senator Jose Peralta (D-Queens) and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) have introduced a legislation that would require the MTA and the NYC Transit Authority to conduct a study to survey its facilities for lead paint at elevated subway tracks and stations throughout the city. An elevated Subway line targeted for this study is the 7 train, which runs along Queens Boulevard only a short block away from our office. For more information, please click here.

Pure Earth Lecture on Lead and The Dangers of Lead Exposure

Gena Dongaris, President and Spiro Dongaris, Principal at Athenica, attended a lunch time lecture on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 at New York University. The lecture was hosted by Pure Earth, a not for profit organization dedicated to solving pollution problems in low and middle income countries where human health is at risk. The topic of interest was lead exposure and contamination. Pure Earth has identified nearly 800 sites around the world where exposure to high levels of lead is resulting in acute poisoning. The most common source of poisoning is through the informal recycling of used lead acid batteries which involves untrained individuals acting as recyclers (breaking up the batteries, removing lead plates and melting used lead in open fire pits). Pure Earth is currently working on a variety of sites worldwide, but their lecture focused on the efforts they are taking to reduce childhood lead poisoning in Bihar State, India and toxic lead poisoning in Mexico occurring during traditional pottery production. For more information on Pure Earth and to read more on their worthy initiatives, please click here.

Athenica News

This month, Athenica is proud to be celebrating several work anniversaries which require special recognition. Marbella Ospina, our Office Manager, is celebrating 19 years with Athenica; Albert Sikorski, our Senior Project Manager, is celebrating 17 years; and, Ruslan Kleyner, our Q/A Q/C Manager, is celebrating 12 years. We are very fortunate to be working with so many talented and loyal individuals for so many years and we truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to Athenica.