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Athenica Advocate
June 2017

NYC Topsoil Mixing Program Pilot Study

As part of our work with the NYC “E” Designation Program and Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP), Athenica is happy to announce our involvement in the very first NYC Topsoil Mixing Program pilot study. The Topsoil Mixing Program is designed to take clean native soils removed from NYC redevelopment sites and blend those soils with organic material and other compatible soil for reuse as topsoil within the five boroughs. In addition to providing free topsoil, the program also aims to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation of clean soil to soil processing facilities located outside of NYC. The program is designed and orchestrated by the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) and is planned in conjunction with their Clean Soil Bank Program - another program which Athenica proudly helped pioneer! The NYC Topsoil Mixing Program should prove to be an indispensable tool for developers to acquire real cost savings on their projects while lowering their carbon footprint. Please stay tuned for developments on the Top Soil Mixing Program and find additional information regarding the existing NYC Clean Soil Bank Program here.

Brownfield Redevelopment & Community Revitalization Summit

On June 7th-8th, 2017, Spiro Dongaris P.E., Principal at Athenica, attended a Brownfield Redevelopment & Community Revitalization Summit in Albany, NY. Over 150 public and private sector redevelopment stakeholders gathered to hear the trends from industry and municipal experts and elected officials. Some of the subject matter discussed included: building local capacity for redevelopment of contaminated or under-utilized properties, fostering public/private exchanges, collaborations, partnerships, spotlighting NYS’s programs and funding in this time of uncertainty, investing in the next generation of practitioners to grow and diversify the redevelopment field. For more information on this workshop, you may go to www.cclr.org.

Athenica Internship Program 2017

Athenica runs a paid internship program for undergraduates majoring in environmental science or environmental engineering every summer. The summer internship program is an opportunity for junior or senior level students to work on real projects and gain hands-on experience in both field-work and office-work. In addition to the field training, students attend an OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER class.

Athenica is pleased to welcome this summer’s interns; Andrew Pavlou, an Environmental Engineering student at Penn State and Stephen Vlavianos, an Environmental Science student at Susquehanna University. They will both be exposed to soil and groundwater sampling, data formatting, Phase I report writing, and remediation oversight including performance of community air monitoring.