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Athenica Advocate
January 2019

Changes to NYC Laws Regulating Mold Assessments

A major change in the administrative code of New York City has taken place this month. Effective January 19th, 2019, under Local Law 55 of 2018, owners of multiple dwelling properties will be required to annually inspect units for indoor allergen hazards, including mold among others. The inspections which are to take place annually will help address tenants’ complaints of worsening living conditions in city housing and will require the owners to address hazardous conditions identified during the annual surveys. This change in New York City code follows in footsteps of the 2015 law passed by New York State Department of Labor which establishes minimum work practices for mold remediation and the licensing of mold inspection, assessment and remediation specialists. For more information please contact Athenica’s Project Manager Juraj Bardiovsky at

Revised Asbestos Regulations

Warning: New NYCDEP Asbestos Regulations: After reviewing the existing asbestos rules and regulations and recommendations from the public and the Industrial Hygiene Community, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection has put forth new rules that would amend and modify the existing regulations. These changes have been made in order to update and simplify the current regulations to make them easier for the public and regulated community to understand. The following are some of the most impactful changes the department is putting into effect:

• Changing the qualifications required to become an investigator including additional training for applicants with a high school diploma and a required minimum of 6 months graduate experience in building survey assessment • Allowing the use of an electronic record keeping system
• Requiring a sketch of sample locations to be completed within 1 hour from the start of sampling
• Updating the language used on warning signs and labels
• Repealing Section 1-22(b)(2) - Asbestos Exemption Certificate
• Amending Section 1-26 to require a work site safety plan whenever a permit is required
• Requiring a variance when using a remote worker decontamination unit
• Clarifying certain Asbestos abatement procedures (including roofing, flooring, vertical surface and pre-demolition procedures).

For further information on how this may affect your project, contact us at