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Client: The New Yorker Hotel

Athenica conducted a comprehensive asbestos survey of a 32-story hotel in Manhattan prior to renovation. Following completion of the asbestos survey, Athenica prepared specifications for the removal of identified asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in accordance with applicable local, state and federal asbestos regulations, oversaw numerous asbestos abatement projects within the building, and performed air monitoring during asbestos abatement. In addition, Athenica prepared an Operation and Maintenance Program (O&M) for the remaining ACMs within the hotel. Athenica’s relationship with the hotel spans over the last decade. Over the course of this relationship, Athenica assisted the Hotel Management in their Hotel Employees Union negotiations and represented them during various OSHA inspections.

Client: The Intercontinental Hotel

Athenica provided asbestos, lead based paint (LBP) and mold consulting services during the renovation of a 14-floor hotel. For asbestos, Athenica oversaw and performed air monitoring during asbestos abatement activities. Athenica also characterized various demolition debris containing building materials coated with lead-based paint (LBP) for off-site disposal. Lastly, Athenica conducted inspections throughout the building to identify mold and/or conditions promoting mold growth.

Client: SL Hospitality

Athenica was retained to investigate and remediate a vacant property in Jersey City, NJ prior to the redevelopment of the site with a hotel. During the initial Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Athenica discovered the site’s past use as a grease manufacturing plant dating back to the mid-1800s and subsequent use as a gasoline station. In conjunction with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and our licensed site remediation professional (LSRP), Athenica performed the remedial investigation, developed a remedial action plan, performed the remediation oversight and lastly, upon completion of the remediation, issued a Response Action Outcome (RAO). Athenica’s remediation plan included the removal of free product consisting of pine tar via the use of several Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR) events throughout the site, followed by the excavation and proper disposal of all contaminated soil and the application of Oxygen Release Compound Advanced ® Pellets in the excavation pit under the direct supervision of the LSRP.