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Athenica Advocate
April 2019

Plastic Ban Law Signed on Earth Day

New York State took a major step to protect the environment by signing a bill to ban single use plastic bags statewide beginning March 1, 2020. New York is the third state in the nation to sign this kind of legislation. Additionally, the law will impose a 5 cent fee on paper bags; 3 cents will go to the Environmental Protection Fund and 2 cents will help fund the distribution of reusable bags. New Yorkers currently use approximately 23 billion plastic bags annually. Many of these lightweight plastic bags can easily be picked up by the wind and get tangled in trees and be found floating in water. The goal is to reduce pollution in our land and water as a reminder that we must take care of the only home we’ve ever known: Earth."

Athenica News

At Athenica, we encourage our environmental professionals to educate people about our industry. We recognize that enhancing environmental awareness will benefit our clients, site workers, and the general public by explaining why certain activities are (or are not) being conducted during a particular project phase. We strongly feel that we have an obligation for environmental stewardship and endeavor to share our vast knowledge and expertise, both on and off of the job site.

A recent example of this occurred on April 19, when Ken Wenz, a Professional Geologist and Senior Project Manager in Athenica’s HazMat Division, visited the Hydrology class at Hofstra University, to discuss with the students how the topics covered in class are applied to real-world environmental projects. This involved presenting the results from an actual completed project, showing how a groundwater contaminant plume was delineated following a step-wise and iterative investigation process. In addition, Ken showed the class how field monitoring equipment is used to screen for potential contamination and determine groundwater flow characteristics, and the students then had the opportunity to try out the equipment for themselves. After the presentation, the students had a chance to ask questions about what it is like to work as a geologist in the environmental field, and what to expect while working as an environmental consultant. It was a very lively and informative discussion!

We are happy to welcome Natalia Kozlova to the Athenica Team! Natalia is an Assistant Project Manager in the IH Department with over eight years of wide-ranging experience in the environmental field. Natalia is an Asbestos Investigator, Project Designer and Management Planner and her experience has included performing site quality control field inspections and coordinating work crews for environmental remediation projects. Natalia is also an EPA certified lead risk assessor and has had extensive experience in working with the NYCSCA, NYCDOE and NYCHA.